How to Use Colorspire Color Scheme Designer

what's your favorite color

Choose a Base Color

The first step in designing your own color scheme is to choose a base color. The base color could be one of your favorite colors, a color depending on environmental conditions, a color that helps to convey the appropriate mood, or a color following trends.

RGB color wheel

Using the Color Wheel

With the color wheel, it's easy to find analogous colors, complementary colors, triad or tertiary colors, etc. You may take advantage of the color wheel to choose harmonious colors that match your base color.

color scheme

Create Your Color Scheme

We provide a simple and easy to use online color schemes designer to help you create your own color scheme. With the flexible color picker and color wheel, you can easily create harmonious color schemes, to use in your web site or your working object.

color test pattern

See the Results

Our online color schemes creator enables you to preview your color combinations in real time and see if the colors works well together. Start using our online color schemes designer now.

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